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Do you plan to register a virtual (web) marriage or to make a virtual marriage proposal? Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend on the Web? It's the right time to start your virtual relationship on WEB-Married.com!

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In 2014, virtual wedding has become a trend. Virtual marriages have spread across the U.S., Germany, France, China and are becoming more and more popular in Russia. Virtual marriage can become the beginning of a virtual relationship, which can turn into something greater in the future. The modern world has become so computerized that love is being transferred from reality into the virtual world. Nowadays everyone can make a virtual marriage proposal, go to the virtual registry office and a virtual church, organize a virtual marriage and finally go on a virtual honeymoon. Virtual spouses - this is not a joke, this is a modern reality. People communicate via phone, email or just chat. At present, people have an opportunity to register their relationships in real life or register a virtual relationship with their virtual love on the Internet. Here is the list of exemplary reasons: distance, difference in age, religion, etc. There are no barriers in the Internet world. You can make a virtual marriage proposal, register a virtual marriage, plan and organize a virtual wedding. We wish you to be virtually happy on WEB-Married.com and to tell everyone that you are not WEB-alone!