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Virtual wedding (WEB Marriage)

or Internet services offering virtual wedding registration and virtual marriage.

International Virtual Relationship Registering Database web-married.com is available in Germany, USA, Russia and Ukraine.



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 Who is the target audience of virtual marriage portal WEB-Married: 

1. You spend a lot of time on the Internet;

2 . You have a virtual love, but for some reasons you cannot be together in real life. Now you can register your relationships on the web;

3 . You already have a spouse in real life, but you have different interests on the Internet. Web-married status will give you the opportunity to be together on the web and tell everybody about your virtual relationships;

4 . You cannot find love in real life. Start building your own virtual happiness on web-married portal – find your virtual love, which will be transferred into real life;

5 . You want to keep your relationship in secrecy and to be united in a virtual marriage;

6. You want to make a marriage proposal, but have scruples in real life. Make a virtual proposal with WEB-Married;


web married, web wedding, online love


7. You met a girl/boy on the Internet and do not know how to start a relationship? You can flirt, socialize, make marriage proposals and conclude a virtual web-marriage on web-married.com.

web married, web wedding, online love

According to Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia), "Virtual marriage" is a form of permanent relationship between Internet users after their registration on specialized websites. Virtual marriage is not legally recognized by the state and different religions, but it imitates the institutions of marriage, registration, family life, accepted by society.

Future "spouses" get to know each other on the Internet and go through the procedure of virtual marriage at special websites, after which they receive a computer "Marriage Certificate", which has no legal force, but is important in terms of personal relationships. "Engaged couples" are provided with a separate "room" in the chat, so that they can easily communicate.

Such long-distance marriages are very popular among young people. More than 50,000 virtual marriages have been already registered in China.

Source: http://ru.wikipedia.org