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Certificate of WEB marriage registration

Certificate of WEB marriage registrationis the official virtual document that certifies the registrationof a virtual marriage between two Internet users. Information indicated by usersis used in their virtual marriage certificate template. Virtual newlyweds can indicate theirreal names, aliases or nick-names, which they use on the Web. This virtual document is protected by WEB-Married and has a stamp of thevirtualregistry office. Newlyweds cannot change their names and data after registering their virtual marriage. The certificate can be made in one of three languages ​​- English, German, Russian.

Users receive this marriage certificate by email in pdf format and can print this virtual document.

Also, users can select the appropriate certificate template and generate their own virtual certificate.



Virtual Marriage



Virtual marriage (synonyms: web marriage, online marriage) is the procedure of virtual relationships registrationbetween two Internet users.

Virtual newlywedscan indicate their real names, dates of birth, city and country while registering their virtual marriage. The second option of registering a virtual marriage is to use alias names of partners, nicknames/pseudonyms. Also, users can use their own photographs or pseudo-photographs (avatars) while registering their virtual marriage. Gender, age and nationality of virtual spousesdo not matter at all.

The above information indicated by online spouses is used in their virtual marriage certificate template.



Virtual Registry Office (Virtual Wedding Hall)



Virtual registry officeis a portal or a platform, where the Web newlyweds register their virtual marriage. It is not necessary for both virtual spousesto be presentin the virtual registry office. Only one partner can register a virtual marriage simply by enteringdata of the second virtual partnerinto a virtual marriage certificate template. Virtual registry office is not responsible for the data indicated by virtual users.



Virtual wedding



Virtual wedding is an interactive process of the virtual marriage registration. Visualization with the help of computer technology of a marriageregistration process. The process of marriage registration begins with the virtual marriage proposal, visit tothe virtual registry office and a visittothe virtual church with the virtual pries, as well as riding around town in a limousine or a coach. Virtual spouses can invite friends to their virtual wedding, receive gifts and web likes.



WEB-marriage (online marriage)



International interpretation of the concept "virtual marriage". The concept WEB (online) marriage is appliedto the whole internet network - the World Wide Web.



WEB married/WEB spouses



WEB married/WEB spouses is a virtual family status of the Internet users. This status has nothing to do with the marital status of partners in the real life.