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How about registering a virtual marriage?

How about registering a virtual marriage?


No wonder that virtual marriage appeared after virtual acquaintances...


It seems that life goes online. Today it is easier to write a message in Skype than just send an SMS, call or meet. There is no need to look into the eyes or smile. Here one can solve all the problems... Love is now also on the web. First smiles, then long online conversations, messages full of strong emotions, then... virtual marriage!


Do you think this is absurd? You are mistaken…


Just think that He and She spend all their free time online: share thoughts, tell each other about what happened during the day... They are waiting for each new day to see each other online. Maybe silly, but it is an undeniable fact of our reality. Each day more and more people find their love on the Web. It would seem, they should meet and live together in the real world. But, there are different circumstances. Do you think that love on the Internet is impossible? Tell that to those, who believe in opposite. Well, when a person has intimate relations with another person, he or she wants to formalize them. Even if it is a virtual wedding, they still will get a document certifying their relations.


Most often this procedure is popular among people, who live in different countries or people, who are already married, but still want to bring some interesting notes in their relationships, or a young couple, who meet in real life, but are not yet willing to enter into a real marriage. Sometimes, virtual marriage leads to a real marriage...


Conclusion of virtual marriage is almost the same as registering relations in the registry office. Future husband and wife are submitting an application and waiting for their online wedding date to come. Everyone can invite his friends to his/her virtual wedding, choose the best man, etc. They all should visit the virtual registry office at the appointed time. Web spouses will have to answer some questions, and only then their relationships will be registered and each will receive a marriage certificate by e-mail.


Certainly, such documents have no legal force. This is just a beautiful piece of paper, but everyone should decide for himself on its meaning.