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Unapproachable in reality - virtual happiness

Virtual marriage became a trend at the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 in China and the United States, more than 50,000 virtual pairs registered their marriage on the Internet. Why virtual marriage has become so popular? Many people are separated by distance, marital status, age, illness, etc. Also, there are other reasons why they cannot be together in real life or temporarily cannot be together.

We constantly receive many offers on how to improve the portal, new ideas and opportunities - we are very grateful for that. To date, WEB-Married.com offers different patterns of marriage certificates in 3 languages: English virtual marriage certificate, German and Russian. This means that virtual couples having language barrier will also be able to register their virtual marriage in English.

Soon we will celebrate St. Valentine's Day… It is the best opportunity to make your lover or beloved person, including virtual, a virtual marriage proposal. According to the great philosophers, dreams are the beginning of reality. How many single people will celebrate St. Valentine's Day on their own? Perhaps, they have different reasons for being on their own. Virtual marriage may give rise to new relationships, faith in a happy future, having a virtual start. As posted on our portal and in social networks, users often disprove the idea of a virtual marriage and criticize such portals. And they're right. Since real love can never replace a virtual marriage or virtual relationships. But virtual marriage can give rise to new real relationship and help unite loving people who, for whatever reason, can never be together. Unfortunately, such things happen. "Unapproachable in reality - virtual happiness " - that is why we called our article this way and dedicated it to those users, who do not agree with the idea of the portal and have a right to think so.

Basically, according to statistics, criticism comes from those people, who are 30 years old and older. Youth is the main user of virtual services called “Unapproachable in reality - virtual happiness " and they do not agree with that idea. Youth likes registering virtual marriages and does not suppose that there’s anything wrong with that. Perhaps, young people check their relationships in such way. But, perhaps, youth gives priority to the virtual world… We do not know what will happen in 10 years. Progress cannot be stopped and we know that. Russian and Ukrainian registry offices, as they say, plan to switch to virtual registration of real marriages. In 10 years,this process will become commonplace.
Let's see what bright future will bring .... :)