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Virtual marriage will help maintain family relations

Many people have not heard of such concept as virtual marriage. This is not strange, because virtual marriage became a trend in late 2013 and has spread across China, the U.S. and Europe. Virtual marriage registration becomes more and more popular in Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet Republics. In real life, couples are encumbered with daily concerns and spend many evenings in the virtual world of the Internet. According to statistics, diligent husbands and wives become completely different people in virtual world. Very often, husbands or wives find another partner on the Internet and spend all free time together online, instead of spending time with their family or with their beloved. Such behaviour may be caused by different interests, age differences and status of partners. Wives do not want to play online war games or other online games with their husbands. Husbands, in turn, do not want to search for new fashionable designer dresses and couture handbags. So what to do then? After all, the only time that young couples can spend together is after work or at weekends, when the beloved ones have to share successes, make plans and cook dinner together… But they spend their weekends surfing through the Internet instead. She chats with her friends or schoolmates, and he - plays games or flirts with new online girls. Virtual marriage can help, if such situations occur. When you join the virtual world and tell your friends about that - you will be unified on the Internet. Your virtual status "Web married" will help everyone understand that this young man already has a beloved person in his real and virtual world. Yes, communication is an important and indispensable thing, but only to a certain limit. Once this line is overstepped, virtual girlfriend or boyfriend insist on meeting in real life. This is risky for married people. After all, we can be whom we want on the Internet. Everyday life, challenges... Spouses go through it all at home and with their virtual partner they feel on top. "She is so kind and understands me" - says one of WEB-Married users. But will this situation stay the same in reality? There are still so many questions to answer.......

Start filling your interest gaps with WEB Married, make your first step towards each other in "virtual world". Become Web spouses and from that moment you will have something in common on the Internet. You will have something that you have transferred from everyday life and made special.

Be Web happy!