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Virtual dating: Myth or Reality?

It is very difficult to imagine our world without the Internet. And now we cannot even imagine how someone can live without the World Wide Web. Websites, search engines, video, music, software...... this list can be continued. In today's world, it has become quite normal that the Internet began to penetrate into such secret areas as love and sympathy.

I will not be mistaken, if I say that a lot of users have already experienced this feeling on the web - virtual love. So how does it occur and why? You get acquainted with someone, start talking to a stranger on the other side of the monitor, look for and find some common ground, evaluate his appearance according to a photo and that’s it! Your heart stops and starts beating faster…

Why people experience this feeling? After all, it's a virtual world and it is possible to introduce yourself as someone else, but our imagination, of course, draws the image of a real prince on a white horse or a prince on a cool car or princess with an amazing face and magical voice. Such communication may last a month and even longer. What’s then? Then, of course, comes the desire to meet each other in real life.

And this situation raises a frightening question. Yes, on a dating website you and your virtual partner like each other and you are happy together, you want to sing, because you experience these new feelings. But, can this be possible in reality? And here comes the second stage of relations - a phone call. This call determines how true the impression of your new acquaintance is. Of course, the voice of a stranger or the charming girl has a great impact on people. It is better to use video calls, popular on the Internet. In this case, the result may be more positive. And if everything goes successfully, the day of the meeting in real life is determined. And no one can guess the results of this meeting.

So, can virtual love be transferred into real life? Do you believe in it?

Maybe, you do not believe it, but that happens – virtual love can be easily transferred into real life. Of course, virtual dating has a lot of disadvantages such as cheating, frustration, etc… but there are positive aspects. People behave more openly on the Internet; they express those thoughts that they, perhaps, would never have dared to say out loud or take a particular action. If you have feelings to a particular person, you stop paying attention to the fact, that it is a virtual world, but not real.

If you have decided to go on the real meeting, and it went the way you imagined it, it is quite natural that your virtual romance on the World Wide Web will be transferred into reality. It is quite possible that it will end in splashes of champagne and loud cries of your guests "Now a kiss".

The main thing is - go ahead and search for your love. Good luck!

Virtual Relations: Good or Bad?

Some people think that virtual love is impossible and “affects” only people with certain mental properties. And when these properties are in some certain states, a person becomes addicted.

Well, virtual love is not a priori "bad". Today's world has made a full-fledged dating area out of the Internet. Nowadays, people can meet on the Internet the way they meet on the street. According to the international survey GMI Poll, conducted in 18 countries, including Russia, 40 % of 18 000 respondents are looking for marriage partners on dating portals or, in other words, on the Internet, while 20 % continue to search for a soul mate in the same way even after bad marriage experience and divorce. Also, only 8% of lovers were found on the Internet. Most conservative in this regard were the Dutch, French, Spaniards and Danes. Compared with other countries, Russians like making acquaintances on the Internet. 16% are seeking for a marriage partner, 29% hope to find serious or long-term partners. And, well, more than 30% of respondents are looking for entertainment.

In other words, if the aspirations of partners are the same, there is no sense in assessing the situation. Indeed, in this case, no matter what tactics behavior partners choose - to speak the truth about themselves or invent myths - they will always get what they cannot get in the real world. Users of different forums often explain their virtual relationships by saying: "he/she understands me like nobody else", "we have absolutely the same interests; everybody knows that it's difficult to find such a person in real life", "our meeting in real life is impossible for various reasons (family, children, distance), but I had no idea about how virtual life can be real before I met her/him; we are happy together virtually” or "I love my husband/wife, as much as I love my virtual spouse; I cannot imagine my life without both of them”, "I will not leave my real family, but I really love my virtual wife/virtual husband", etc.. Well, in some cases people say that virtual lover is not a real one and there is nothing wrong with that. It turns out that in this case a virtual relationship is a realization of mental properties.

So, everyone has his own point of view about virtual relations. Nobody can say 100% whether it is bad or good, because so many people, so many minds…


What are the pros and cons of a virtual wedding?

There are no minuses, only pluses! Such wedding does not oblige you to do something and your family life will not be burdened with household problems and other concerns, etc.

And, besides, wedding on the Internet can provide an impetus to a real wedding, for example, if you live with your boyfriend in real common-law marriage and cannot force him to make a marriage proposal. Offer him, as if in jest, to celebrate an imaginary wedding, invite your friends and then arrange a noisy party.

Maybe he will like that process and his new role and will make you a real marriage proposal. After all, many young people are not in a hurry to make a proposal to their girlfriends, because they fear marriage ceremonies. Online wedding can make your boyfriend understand that there is nothing bad in the process of marriage registration and you will get a chance to receive a real wedding ring.

What a virtual wedding ceremony is like? Frankly speaking, wedding on the Internet involves the same process of marriage registration, which can be observed in the real registry office.

I haven’t found my love yet… Will I find it on the Internet?

Dating via the Internet becomes more and more popular nowadays. One can find a lot of different online dating sites, icq, Skype, agents and et cetera in the World Wide Web ... Is there any person that has not just looked through these portals or did not sit in the "ICQ"? There are a lot of people, who almost never leave the virtual world, communicate every day and every night. And there are no age restrictions. Why people need such communication? Are they no longer attracted to the reality? What makes people seek for new acquaintances in the "World Wide Web"?

One of the reasons is lack of companionship, love and flirting in real life. Nowadays, people do not have a lot of free time. So they want to find someone, who would communicate, give advice and tell his stories without detachment from the usual life. For most of these people it's just a game...

Another reason - complexes. Often people feel embarrassed and are ashamed of their external imperfections. And in reality it is very difficult for them to meet someone. And with the Internet partner people can communicate on various topics and nothing to fear, because nobody sees them. 

Also, many people want to find love, their second half. But it is not so easy. Communication via chat sites usually lasts no more than two months. Sometimes this correspondence lasts a year, but again leads to nowhere. Of course, there are exceptions, when people find each other, get married, create a family. It all happens by accident, as in real life.

Many people communicate on different websites, in chat rooms or "ICQ" for a long time and then fall in virtual love, or think they fall in love. I am not going to talk about what love is... Since each of us has his point of view on this philosophical question. But, nevertheless... Frequently, while communicating, we fall in virtual love and draw a perfect image of the person and idealize him. Although, your partner is quite an ordinary person with his own advantages and disadvantages. Then, suddenly, emerges the need to meet. "All of a sudden – is it fate?" - You say to yourself. And very often the ideal image drawn in the imagination does not fit in with this low, pimply, puny man... But if the images coincide? So is it really love? 

Successful acquaintance means communication of two people, who are not looking for love, but entertainment. Only a few people want to have a long correspondence. 

People have different attitudes towards virtual dating: some are positive, while others do not accept virtual communication, as they say, "So many menso many opinions!”.

Let your virtual communication radiate only positive. And if you meet your virtual love, let it never die...