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Terms and Conditions of Use

Terms and Conditions were developed by East go to West UG (HB).

When processing orders the following Terms and Conditions are applied. The subject of the contract, according to the Terms and Conditions, is the service developed by East go to West UG (HB) and offered by the web portal.

Conditions of the customer are null and void, even if they are consistent with the provisions of East go to West UG (HB).

The range of services includes:

Individual services/ packages/ special offers

East go to West UG (HB) offers customized services and products consisting of separate website services

Order submission is mandatory. In case of cancellation after contracting, re-signing is impossible. Orders, submitted via the Internet or by telephone, are confirmed by East go to West UG (HB) by e-mail. In case of disagreement between the phone arrangement and the content of the contract, developed by East go to West UG (HB), the customer receives a commercial letter of confirmation for the purpose of prompt reporting of the situation, if he is not a private entrepreneur according to the Commercial Code. Complaints shall be sent by email in case of inaccuracies.

East go to West UG (HB) reserves the right to reject orders fully or partially. Rejection of orders by East go to West UG (HB) may also occur in the case of different circumstances after submission of an order.

East go to West UG (HB) or other authorized representatives also have the right to refuse from processing orders received from customers. The Company undertakes to promptly inform the customer about the circumstances that led to refusal.

East go to West UG (HB) takes orders, whose content does not violate any laws or morals, and does not infringe the rights of third parties. In particular, neither the information, nor its content, access to which can be gained via links placed by the customer, should not pursue unlawful aims, as well as include information of pornographic, violent, discriminatory or offensive content, or infringe competition policy or data protection rules.

The following additional terms are applied to audio or video banners (i.e., animated pictures, clicking on which leads to opening of pop-up window with audio or video content) and photos, sent by the customer or published using personal account: the customer is responsible for ownership of copyright or intellectual property rights, needed for publication. The customer must provide East go to West UG (HB) with a confirmation of his rights to use the material in order to prevent requests for any rights of third parties on the material used.

In case of service misuse by the customer, in accordance with paragraphs 5 and 6 of the Conditions, East go to West UG (HB) is released from any liability and all claims of third parties.

The customer shall provide all necessary materials that are required for publishing in a timely manner. Materials must comply with the specifications, as well as shall be received in a specified period. East go to West UG (HB) has the right not to publish materials that do not meet specifications, or were not provided in time. Review of complaints is carried out on an individual basis.

Competition stifling is not possible.

The company shall be notified about incomplete or poor performance during 10 days before service commencement date.

East go to West UG (HB) is only liable for damages caused by an intentional breach of contract.

Contractual obligations are obligations that protect the basic legal contractual positions, which should be provided by the customer in accordance with the content and purpose of the contract. These contractual obligations include obligations, whose fulfilment is necessary for the proper performance of the contract. Liability for damage to life and health is legally binding.

Force-majeure circumstances, strikes, lockouts or other technical malfunctions, leading to temporary disruptions in material publication, shall not be the reason for releasing from contractual compliance. In such cases, the term of the contract is extended for a specified period.

Tariff changes in the price list, namely price reductions and price increases are applicable to the contract within a month after its signing. In the case of price increases, special termination of rights is applied. It is carried out within 4 weeks after the announcement of new prices and shall come into effect from the end of next month.

If special prices or discounts have been agreed and they differ from the prices stated in the price list, they are valid only during the term of the contract. In case of contract extension, in accordance with paragraph 18, regular prices, stated in the price list, are applied, if other conditions were not specified.

Authorized advertising agents and advertising agencies are required to use price lists of East go to West UG (HB) in their proposals, contracts and settlements with the customers. East go to West UG (HB) has no relation to variations in their pricing. Placement privileges, provided by East go to West UG (HB) to its agents in special cases, shall not be transferred to the client fully or partially.

In accordance with paragraph 2e), the minimum duration of the contract for the provision of services is applied only if special seasonal packages/ offers were ordered. Special terms of proposal use shall be published in each case individually. Prices for individual services shall be published in the price list.

Order processing time shall comprise 24 hours. Notification shall be sent in writing.

For rapid processing, orders must be sent in writing to the following address:


East go to West UG (HB)

Geroldsauer Strasse 120

D-76534 Baden-Baden


E-mail: support@web-married.com

Contract fee shall be paid one lump sum in advance. In the case of online booking ordered services shall be activated only after payment is received by East go to West UG (HB). Special promotions may be an exception to this rule.

East go to West UG (HB) may postpone processing of the order till it receives payment in full. If doubts are cast upon financial solvency of the company, East go to West UG (HB) is entitled to request advance payment and settle all further payments during the term of the contract.

East go to West UG (HB) provides its customers with personal account on the portal www.web-married.com. It is aimed at facilitating user experience and improving service quality.

Reciprocal relationship shall be used exclusively in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Place of performance for all obligations under the agreement, referred to in the paragraph 1 hereof, is the city of Baden-Baden. If the customer is a private entrepreneur, solution of all disputes, arising during the provision of services, shall be effected in Baden-Baden as the exclusive legal jurisdiction.